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K. H. 

“We are all a work in progress, all have our battles, short-comings, pains, distortions of the light. But you have helped me find just how strong a spirit I really have. You’ve helped me dust it off, shine it up and realize its value.  This is truly a feat as I have felt alone and unformed, undefined all of my life.  There was just too much ugly stuff in the way!  You’ve shown me myself, helped me strengthen it, and you have cheered me on.  I don’t mean to gush, but by and far you have taken my willingness and directed it in ways I did not know existed.”

J. T.

“You have led me, shown me, taught me, taken my hand and led me out of darkness.  You continue to inspire and light the way for me.”

L. M. 

“Thank you for guiding me and giving me the tools and support to face and resolve some of the most difficult challenges of my life.  Your warmth and kindness will never be forgotten.”  

T. B. R.

"The challenges I faced over the years were varied and evolved as I grew up, got married , changed careers and raised a family. I am now an empty nester with grown children and a husband soon retiring. I am happy, feel solid and strong, can face my fears, love my life and the people in it! There are of course, blips on the screen, but they don’t feel debilitating, dire or overwhelming (as they did!) in great part due to my work with Dr. Elizabeth Vitale.


Dr. Vitale came into my life when much of my anxiety stemmed from the past and my own children were young. I had hit rock bottom. Other therapists nodded their heads and were completely ineffective. Dr. Vitale was quite different; skilled at using both traditional and non-traditional therapies and enveloped me with compassion and confidence. I felt renewed,  hopeful and had tools to help myself!


9-10 years later I needed a “check in” and Dr. Vitale’s thoughtful and professional approach (along with some new modalities) was again there to support me. 


On and off since then I still sought her guidance and will gratefully continue to do so! I have benefited greatly from her ever growing tool box, strategies, intellect and warmth! I am truly blessed to have the resources to live a full, joyful and productive life. 


There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Vitale will go on to positively transform many lives in any capacity that she renders her services.️️"

M. P.

“Words can not express my gratitude towards you. I am so very thankful and am feeling so much better. It truly is a blessing what you have helped me to achieve.”

C. M.

Dr. Liz Vitale is a compassionate, attentive, available, masterful therapist.  


I initially sought her out for some EMDR-focused work around chronic pain that I suspected had at least partial roots in childhood trauma.  But not too long into the therapeutic relationship, my partner was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and my elderly parents and dog were also nearing the end of their lives.  


Liz was completely present with me as I journeyed along this difficult path.  For years she “emotionally held” me as my family began to disappear from me in death.  She became the one supportive, loving constant in my life.  And when each of my family members  (my partner, my mother, my father) died, she was physically present at either their funeral services or calling hours.  Her presence at each of these events felt like a warm blanket on a frigidly cold day.  


As a psychotherapist myself, I have always been impressed with Liz as someone with great expertise and deep humanity.  And having her by my side made a seemingly impossible ride through sequential loss almost bearable….and certainly, survivable.


Thank you Liz for the gifts of presence and love that you have so generously given to me.

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