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Dr. Elizabeth Vitale

Compassionate Psychotherapy, Enduring Support

Do you want to build RESILIENCE?
Do you want to become your BEST SELF?
Let's explore doing this from the comfort of your home, through Tele-Health.

About Dr. Elizabeth Vitale

I took a roundabout route to becoming a psychologist.  Having majored in psychology in college, I took some time off to explore possibilities, and became enamored with midwifery.  I trained as a Certified Nurse Midwife, and practiced in that field for several years.  In that work, I was struck by how much the mind and body work together in pregnancy, childbirth and health and well-being in general. I found myself doing a good deal of counseling in my midwifery practice, especially around childbearing losses.  It seemed to come naturally for me to provide that support, and I began contemplating further training in Psychology, which I was fortunate to be able to pursue.  


  • What are the services offered?
    In-depth assessment and identification of issues and goals to be addressed Setting up a plan for addressing issues and working toward goals Learning Havening® and implementing it to address issues, remove blocks, build resilience and positive qualities and states Learning and practicing approaches for calming, dealing with difficult emotions Learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) (Meridian Tapping) for some of the same purposes as above.
  • Who can benefit from these services?
    The ideal candidate for these services is someone who: Is comfortable enough with technology to be able to set up the video platform ( or zoom). Is stable enough to be able to engage in therapy remotely, and comfortable with this, as opposed to face-to-face contact. Has a location that assures privacy for sessions, has an adequate support system, and has someone who can be identified as an emergency contact within 25 miles of their location during the session.
  • Where are you located?
    I have a private home office in Connecticut, and we will have sessions through a HIPAA-secure video platform.
  • Do you accept medical insurance?
    I participate with the following insurance companies: Aetna Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield CIGNA Medicare Medicaid (HUSKY)
  • How much does a session cost?
    For those opting to pay out of pocket (or who do not have insurance that will cover these services): My fee is $150.00 per session. Sessions will generally be 50 to 55 minutes long. I generally allot 90 minutes for a first session, and the cost for this is $225.00. Occasionally, depending on the material we are working on, we may choose to have extended sessions (up to 90 minutes), and the cost will be prorated accordingly. For clients with financial need and without insurance, I am willing to work out a sliding scale fee on a case by case basis.
  • What is the therapeutic process like?
    I see this as a process which we create together, based on your needs, wishes and goals. I will offer my caring support, experience, wisdom, skills, and specific techniques as they fit with your expressed needs, wishes and goals. For more information, please Click Here.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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